Femi O. – Founder/CEO

Femi is a Web designer and entrepreneur from London, passionate about bringing his clients success through innovative web design & marketing.

He formed DesignDots Media as an avenue to pursue his passions for media, design, and marketing while striving to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Here’s a little bit about us!

DesignDots Media is a cutting edge digital marketing firm based in South London. Our services which include website design, SEO and Social Media Marketing have given hundreds of companies a presence online and helped them achieve success in their businesses.

From inception DesignDots Media has focused on producing high quality SEO-friendly websites and internet marketing. We believe that a passion for innovation is key to generating ongoing success. As a result we have quickly become one of the leading Internet Media agencies in London. This growth has allowed us evolve to meet the changing needs of our clients.

Behind out never-ending pursuit of excellence is an important business philosophy founded on integrity, mutual respect, quality and accountability, as well as a commitment to maintaining mutually beneficial professional relationships.